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2010 Platinum Performance USDF AA Clinic
November 20-21, 2010

Charlotte Bredahl Baker Photo

Read the article "Building Partnerships" from USDF Connection - August 2009

In 1992, Charlotte Bredahl-Baker was part of the US Bronze medal winning Olympic team in Barcelona with Monsieur and part of the US silver medal winning team at the North American Championship in 1997 with Lugano. In 2006, she competed successfully on the Florida circuit and qualified Komo for the Grand Prix Championship at Gladstone as well as Eskada for the Intermediare 1 championship. Charlotte is a USEF (S) and FEI (C) judge.

This year she will be the clinician for the USDF Adult Amateur clinic series in all 9 regions.



Picture 3

2005 Starr Vaughn Summer Camp

During Summer 2005, Starr Vaughn Equestrian held 7 sessions of summer camp that introduced kids to equestrian and the Starr Vaughn facility. Each session of camp was attended by 6-10
kids who participated in horse riding lessons, arts and crafts. The sessions concluded with a performance by the participants for their families and friends. The beautiful facility and warm summer days created the perfect equestrian experience for those who attended.


  Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center Facility  

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